Kyle and I met in Anthem and drove up together to the Bloody Basin exit where the below map starts. The weather was rainy and overcast, which kept the dust down and made everything nice and muddy. We drove down to Sheep Bridge where we met up with a whole lot of people from Tacoma World and the Pelfreybilt guys from Cali. As both of us had items to take care of on Sunday, and the weather was miserable, we decided not to camp out but head back home that day. We head back on the same road, which in the afternoon was a complete muddy mess from all the other rigs driving on it and the additional rain. My brakes failed about half way back to I-17, only to find one of the rear drums leaking and the truck completely out of brake fluid. (I later found that the culprit was a failed shoe spring cup that let the shoe move out further than it should making the cylinder expand beyond what it should and causing a leak) We ended up calling Daniel, who arrived with his trailer and met us close to I-17 and Bloody Basin road. I ran most of the way back with no brakes in 4-lo slowing me down. Always an adventure.

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