This weekend, members or POG and some friends from TacomaWorld visited the China Dam and Tule Homestead north of Lake Pleasant. The road was easy enough for a 2 wheel drive, slightly lifted tacoma to make it through just fine (with some tire smoke.) On the way back we decided to take another route that was supposed to take us through Table Mesa road back to the I-17. That road turned out to be washed out by the recent rain and dead ended into the lake. This extended our trip and made the trip back even more interesting.

China Dam – built by Chinese immigrants in the late 1880s was part of a gold mining operation. Here are some photos of the dam.

Tule Homestead – this was a permanent residence of at least two miners and their “faithful friend” Pooch. This might have been built as a fortes against Indian attacks, as some research says, but looking at its placement and the surrounding hill tops it is hard to believe.

Here is an aerial view of the homestead:

And here are some photos of our trucks getting there and on the way out:

And the videos:

Sam going up the hill in his 2 wheel drive tacoma with no issues (maybe a bit of tire smoke 🙂

While some of the other guests, all 4 wheel drive, had to struggle a bit.

Skid plates came in handy for some of the participants

Here is Kyle coming down a small stair case looking for the way

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