Forgotten Friday! Or whatever you want to call it, this weekend trip happened almost a month ago and I just didn’t have time and then forgot to post it. So here it is!

Friday after work we drove up I-17 and took the Munds Park exit. The plan was to find a camp spot in the FR240, Mormon Lake Road, for base camp and run up to Grand Falls on Saturday. Being that is was already dark by the time we hit FR240, finding a camp spot made it that much more fun and made me realize that I could use some lights pointing sideways on my truck.

Eventually we found a nice spot and setup camp:

Saturday we drove up to Grand Falls, here are some photos. You can tell why they’re also called Chocolate Falls?

The road there and back was a graded washboard road accessible to really any vehicle. We still managed to do some damage as Andrew’s swaybar link disconnected and sliced the CV boot open.

Back at the camp for Saturday night:

Sunday morning we made breakfast, after which we packed up and slowly head home. Andrew’s CV boot fix was fine all the way home. It was a good time.


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