POG has been busy going on trips and upgrading vehicles new and old. We have been on the Rubicon Trail, Moab, Mexico and camping/day trips multiple times since last post. We fell into more or less enjoying the trips and failing to write reports on the beautiful destinations we have visited. In the next couple weeks we will catch you up on the trips and the new vehicle builds – 3 JKU Rubicons, new 4 Runner, 2 camping trailers and other upgrades to the old rigs. So come visit us back soon.

Reviews pending other than the ones below:

ARB Elements Fridge Metal Cloak 3.5 inch lift (JKUR) Metal Cloak Undercloak skid system (JKUR) ARB front and rear bumpers (JKUR) – don’t want to miss this, instead of protecting, they caved in and damaged my jeep at the Rubicon Diff guards – some fit better than others Metal Cloak Fenders (JKUR) Artic Trusses for the JKUR D44’s Artic Skids (JKUR) ICON Suspension for the 3rd Gen Tacoma Waterport Vs. RoadShower

and many other items that we’ve put through the ringer. Come back to see what survived and what failed miserably.


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