This was a fun little weekend trip to get out of the heat and gently introduce Steve to more rock-crawly stuff on his SxS. He’s used to running high speed whoops in Cali so Broken Arrow was a little different.

Saturday early morning we met just off of Schnebly Hill Road and setup camp. The plan was to drive down to Sedona via Schnebly, do Broken Arrow, have lunch, do Soldier’s Pass and head back to camp. Almost everything went according to plan. James showed up with his JK, I took my JKUR and Steve brought his mansion (5wheel) with his RZR. Driving Schnebly Hill Road was easy, as most of you that have driven it know. It’s a scenic dirt road that is reasonably well maintained. Once we got into the Sedona, we headed directly to do Broken Arrow. The most fun was on Devil’s staircase where James decided to turn around and go back up once he was at the bottom. After lunch in Sedona, we headed to Soldier’s Pass. This is a locked gate and a pass is required, so make sure you get one before you get there. Soldier’s Pass was very underwhelming. It is more of a hiking trail than offroading trail. There are no real obstacles, just three places to stop and check things out.

After Soldier’s Pass we were about to head back to camp and make dinner, but Steve’s RZR had other ideas. After replacing the belt it was still having issues and so he decided to leave it at the nearby CVS and come get it with his truck. Sadly he we could not get running well again that weekend. We were holing to hit up the Cinders on Sunday, for some high speed fun but decided to just break camp and head home on Sunday morning. We’ll be coming back to do Cinders over the summer sometime.

James and I helping Steve fix his broken RZR.
James going up the Devil’s Staircase
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