Moab trip with a couple other jeeps – David/Joe @zona.ovrlnd in his red Rubicon JL 392 on 37’s and James/Will in the orange JK Sport on 35’s and lockers. I took my white JKUR on 37’s.

This time around we ran Fins n Things on Friday afternoon after getting into town, eating some late lunch at the Moab Brewery and checking into the rental.

On Saturday, after a quick McD’s brekkie we headed out to do the Top of the World. The trail starts out easy enough for a Subaru, but about half way up it becomes pretty ledgy. Most of the ledges have a bypass but some do not. TotW ended up taking most of the day, so after coming back down we jetted back to town and headed straight to Hell’s Revenge. HR is fun, roller coaster trail that is very crowded. James’s ignition stopped working at the lookout, where we remained stranded for a few hours. This meant that heading back off the trail was done at night, which added a lot more adrenaline and excitement for all of us. We finally arrived back at the rental around midnight.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to Phoenix, stopping by at the Valley of the Gods. It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to many more weekend trips to Moab in the future.

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