About POG

I know what you’re thinking… “oh gawd, not another “overland” group!?” It’s like the thing to do now, right?

So how are we different? Well, first of all, we are open to anyone. Aside from the trips that we get invited to by other people, any one of you can join us on the trips we go on. If you look at our calendar, the trips to join us on have a registration link. All that we ask of you is to have your gear in order and a reliable vehicle to drive. Preferably we would like to talk to you or meet you at a happy hour prior to a trip, especially the longer ones. All of us are working adults, just like you, that just like to get out and explore. We may cap the trip at a reasonable number of vehicles, as logistics and enjoyment may become a factor with too many vehicles.

So why this site? We have some gearheads among us that like to buy and test gear. The idea is to provide some feedback on the gear we use to help others make a decision on their purchases. We try to give the positive and the negative on all the gear we review. Seldom is there a product that has not negatives – aside from the LED solar camp light, that thing is badass and cheap!

An actual question we were asked at a recent TacomaWorld meet (yeah, some of us live on forums…): “Do you guys charge a membership fee?” Um, what? No, why the hell would we charge a fee for people to join us on trips?

Another one: “My truck is well built but 2wd so people usually don’t invite me to stuff…” Ok, let’s be real here. Most of the stuff around AZ is dirt roads and can be done in 2wd. And if you get stuck? We get to test out our gear and have a few laughs. 🙂

Do you have a trip that you want some company on? Let us know! Going alone is a bad idea and unless we have other plans that weekend, we will join you.

Hope to see you out there!