The trips you can sign up for are going to be day trips and some camping trips. Although we generally like to meet everyone before going out with them, we do not require it for day trips. For camping trips, we would like to have met you at a happy hour or a previous trip.

You will not be able to freely register for extended trips, unless we know you and you’re cool. International trips are even more restricted, and trust has to be earned, due to safety concerns. And lastly, if you see a trip and the description says that we were invited, that usually means it’s not us that hosts the trip and thus not up to us to decide who may or may not come. If we know you, we may put in a word for you, but again, not up to us.

Simply put, if you can register for a trip, join us! If you can’t, contact us and let us know that you want in. We’ll sit you down for an interrogation (no waterboarding I swear) at a happy hour and see where you stand.

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No, seriously, we do. We try to do a trip every other weekend so the wife’s don’t get pissed.

Matus – IT manager for a construction company

Daniel – Superintendent for the same construction company

Kyle – Operations manager at an electrical distribution center

Ryan – Flips switches for SRP to turn on/off powerplants

Nick –  Sells boxes. No, really he does. Custom boxes to ship anything. From weapons for the military to…yeah.

Darwin – Commercial real estate and landlording


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Well, simple, we work for a living. We all get only a certain amount of PTO, as I’m sure you do too. So we try to do a couple larger, overland-ish trips a year that we plan out in detail, and the rest are there to have fun, test and make sure we know how all of our gear works. You do not want to be in a middle of nowhere, trying to figure out your gear. We are all explorers at heart, and want to see the hard to get places near us. We also love camping and letting the dogs play in the wild. There is nothing better than sitting around a fire, drinking some fine whiskey, smoking a cigar and staring at the stars while the dogs run around the campsite with glow-sticks attached to them.

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OK, so we were first called the Dirty Tacos because we do go out and get dirty quite often. But then we decided that it was not appropriate and may turn some people off. So, Phoenix Expedition Group (PEG? lol) sounds too serious and we don’t do as many long, expedition trips as we would like. Damn jobs. Phoenix Off-road Group sounds a little too rock crawly and we do travel on tarmac too… Wait, how about Phoenix Overland Group! I mean we do travel over land… But it’s so overused! Meh. We are POG!  And that’s how we were created. Honestly before that it was just Matus and his www.whereismatus.com. That arrogant prick…

Yes, you may. Just let us know when you register so we know about your “disability” – bahahah! No, j/k. But we will let you know if we believe that you will have a hard time.

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