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Date(s) - 04/29/2017
All Day

CowTown Range Arizona

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Let’s be realistic, the world is not always a safe place to explore. From the wildlife in Alaska to the possible hostiles (drug runners/coyotes/etc.) in south AZ – say when running the Devil’s Highway – we like to be ready for any encounters. Some of our guys have previously taken the Vehicle Mobility weapons class from Granite Firearms Training to make sure we know how to maneuver our weapons and vehicles under hostile encounter. This time Granite will be teaching and letting us practice medical skills under hostile contact. You may have the cool gear, but do you know how to use it?

Class Description:

We will cover the philosophy of providing medical care in an active, and possible hostile environment. Focusing on prioritizing medical care and how to assess and treat major trauma with the use of tourniquets and compression bandages. We will also cover how to make field-expedient items in the case of unexpected emergencies.

Tactics will be designed for 2 people who do not know each other or have a limited training background. Tactics and knowledge gained can be expedited quickly in the field, and acted upon efficiently and effectively.

There will be class and discussion time on medical related topics and tactics. We will do live fire training covering a comprehensive list of weapon handling, weapon manipulation positional shooting one my have to work with for cover and concealment. Weapon malfunction drills and reloads.
All of this will come together and be applied in practicals using cover, different scenarios, medical application and assessment and live fire response.
Practice bandages and TQs will be provided for the course.

Required Equipment:
Kit of your choice to manage your medical gear, 2 handgun magazines, 2 rifle magazines Load bearing vest, plate carrier, duty or war belt, etc)
Outside the waist ban holster, tactical, kydex or duty style preferred.
Sling for rifle
250 rounds of ammo per platform.

Knee and elbows pads, good range gear that can get dirty

As usual with Cowtown, make sure to bring your supplies with you. Food and plenty of water. You can park on the range so you can set up shop via tailgate or small folding table.

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